Think Unique

My thoughts

Growing up a minority in America. How does it feel? The constant bashing and degradation of my people is unreal.

Who would have ever thought that preconceived unasked for traits could ultimately determine a persons fate.

Skin color, race, religion it’s a disgrace…

To prejudge someone without even knowing their name!

My people black, white, Latino, Middle Eastern…

Asian, Native American, Samoan, and so on…

We are amazing… we are one.

It does not matter where you come from what matters it what you become.

In America it’s all about status an achievement when many us us were born with no status and basically taught in the classroom that we weren’t going to achieve sh, it follows us throughout life. Race, skin color, religion, to hell with it!

Let’s embrace one another and rebel against it! Loving one another, uplifting, and empowering, will create a better nation a better place for our children to be raised in.

Try it!

— 9 months ago
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